Summer Art Scholarship Opportunities


Sponsors: The Narada Michael Walden Foundation in partnership with San Francisco’s Academy of Art University.

Awards: Scholarships to the University’s Summer 2017 Pre-College Art Experience Program

The Scholarships will consist of the following:

  •  Enrollment in up to four classes (online, onsite or combination of both)
  •  Registration fees

Who is eligible: Marin County high school students currently in grades 9-11.

How to Apply:

     1. Send an email with your contact information to:

(include: Student’s name and parent’s or guardian’s name, mailing address, email address, contact phone numbers, name of high school and grade)

Add brief statement answering the question, “What does your art mean to you?”

     2. Sign up and fill in the scholarship application on the Academy of Art University website:

      3. Important!

Select Narada Michael Walden Foundation from the drop-down menu.

       4. Follow the instructions to complete the Pre-College Art Experience application.

*** 2018 Presidential Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Scholarship Opportunity***

Students graduating high school in 2018 who complete the 2017 Pre-College Summer Arts Program, will be eligible to apply to the Foundation for a 4-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree scholarship at the AAU.


The Academy of Art University challenges students to reach their full creative potential in an atmosphere of support and deep collaboration. 


Learn more about the program at:



Narada Michael Walden Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization