Music Grant Program

The  Music Grant Program is available to Marin County students in grades 6-12 through application by their teacher or school administrator. Its purpose is to assist students who are pursuing their music dreams and education. Grants may be submitted for an individual student or a class. Grants that directly benefit students may include: musical instruments (purchase or rent), private lessons and tuition for music programs or camps.

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The Singer’s Experience: Spring Fling with Strings

The Singer’s Experience develops the vocal and performance skills of young singers. Participants work directly with Narada Michael Walden, considered one of the best vocal producers in the world, with additional support provided by vocal coaches, dance instructors, sound engineers and musicians. The singers develop their talents as they learn about performance, phrasing and timing through the study of past and current artists. The program culminates in the Spring Fling show, a public performance that showcases their newly refined skills.

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Annual Holiday Jam benefit concert

The Holiday Jam a high-energy show that provides opportunities for young people to play key roles in a professional production. Under the direction of Narada Michael Walden, it is a showcase featuring musical guests who have included Dionne Warwick, Carlos Santana, Sammy Hagar, Tom Johnston and many others. This is a joyous concert where many of the young artists we have worked with perform and assist with all areas of production, including sound engineering and video recording.

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Narada Michael Walden Foundation 2015 Art Scholarship Opportunity

The Narada Michael Walden Foundation (NMWF), in partnership with San Francisco’s Academy of Art University is awarding Eight Scholarships to the Pre-College Summer Art Program and one 4-year Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Scholarship at the Academy of Art University Summer 2015.

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